Sociology of sexual behaviour

Grammar and structure of sexual acts, and risk behaviour;  Male homosexual/bisexual lifestyles; Minority sexual communities

Multidimensional scaling and classification
Method of Sorting

Classification and categorisation: data collection and analysis

Method of Sexual Diaries

Development of innovative methods: data collection and analysis

Socio-epidemiology of HIV infection

Sexual transmission, networks

Representation of cognitive systems

Entailment analysis, sociolinguistics

Sociology of religion Clergy as an occupation  
Social stratification

Occupational cognition, social meaning of occupations

(i) Principal Investigator
National longitudinal study of changing lifestyles and needs of HIV-positive people (Terrence Higgins Trust and University of Essex) 1999 - 2000
Archiving and Documentation of records of sexual behaviour (sexual diaries). (Medical Research Council) [£28,520] 1997 - 98
Monitoring sexual behaviour change and HIV-1 prevalence of high-risk subgroups of homosexual and bisexual men (Medical Research Council, with Dr TJ McManus and Dr A Pozniak, Kings College Hospital) [£242k] 1994 - 96
Machine learning and data analysis (ESRC/Analysis of Large and Complex Datasets initiative, with Dr Paul Scott and Dr Edward Tsang) 1993 - 95
Development of software and documentation for the analysis of sexual behaviour and other related diaries (Department of Health) 1991, 92, 93
A Longitudinal study of the sexual behaviour of non-heterosexual males and the seroprevalence of HIV (Medical Research Council, with Dr P M Davies and Dr T J McManus) 1986 - 94
Co-ordination and Data Validation of Homosexual Response Studies (World Health Organization) 1990 - 92
Research Seminar on Longitudinal and Multi-level Data Analysis (ESRC, with Ian Plewis and Harvey Goldstein, University of London) 1991 - 92
Longitudinal structure   of the sexual behaviour of homosexual males under the impact of Aids (Dept of Health and Social Security, with Dr P M Davies and Dr T J McManus) 1986 - 89
Information retrival of behavioural research on Aids and HIV infection (World Health Organization, Global Progam on Aids) 1988 - 89
Body-Image, Risk and Alcohol (Aids Virus Education Research and Trust) 1988 - 89
An integrated software environment for social science research
(SSRC, with Professor Robert Churchhouse)
1981 - 83
Clergy career patterns and social change in South Wales (SSRC) 1976 - 78
Multidimensional scaling programs SSRC, with Charles Jones, David Muxworthy and Stephen Tagg) 1974 - 82
Content analysis as a social science resource (SSRC) 1972 - 75
Project on occupational cognition and subjective aspects of social stratification (SSRC, with Charles Jones) 1972 - 75
Linguistic differences and decision boundaries in occupational groups (SSRC, with Tom Burns and Rosemary Johnson) 1971 - 72